Big sticking point in NFL lockout: Workers' comp benefits

We’re glad to see pro football back. It seemed like the NFL’s labor lockout went on far too long. One reason for that: the disagreement about workers’ compensation benefits for players.
One of the major issues in the lockout was about claims filed in California.
Under the state’s current law, players are allowed to make a workers’ comp claim in California if they’ve been hurt and played at least one game within the state.
As you can imagine, that’s resulted in several former players seeking comp benefits in the state, despite never having played on a team based there.
Some of these players have received awards or settlements worth more than $100,000.
Days before the NFL and the NFL Players Association reached an agreement that got the game back on the field, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees shared an email with NBC sports in which he stated the NFL was trying to restrict in which states players can file for workers’ comp.
He then added: The players won’t let the league restrict their long-term health and safety.
Ultimately, it appears as though the players won the workers’ comp battle. Under the league’s new collective bargaining agreement, the rules for filing a claim in California remain the same.