After COVID-19: Getting Your Business & People Back On-track

The aftermath of COVID-19 will have employers and employees asking, “What now?” Just as transitioning to remote work was a challenge for many, so will getting operations back to “normal.”

Whether you were shut-down or slowed-down, ramping back up to regular operations requires business resumption planning, careful transition and strong leadership.

Join our 60-minute program to learn how to restore business operations and help your team resume activities  – while leveraging recent lessons learned. We’ll discuss how to:

  • Restore business operations after full or part-time shut down
  • Transition your remote workers back on-site
  • Prepare for a potential resurgence of the virus or other potential crises
  • Incorporate lessons learned from the current crisis and keep the advances going

Program Highlights

Getting Operations Back – Full Steam Ahead

  • Develop guidelines and procedures to support the re-start of operations
  • Transfer data, equipment, inventory, and personnel back to regular work locations
  • Synch your resumption operations with vendors, customers, and other stakeholders
  • Conduct “test runs” (simulations) of business contingency plans for the future
  • Planning and forecasting activities and results for the rest of the year

Transitioning Your Team from Off-Site to In-house

  • Communicating protocols before, during and after business resumption
  • Positioning staff to rekindle and meet dynamic customer demand and expectations
  • Employ change management skills, behaviors and activities to transition back to the office

Learning from the Crisis – Putting Our Best Foot Forward

  • Leveraging new technologies and practices learned during the crisis
  • Preparing a business resumption plan (BRP) for now and potential future situations
  • How to use business disruption as a catalyst for long-term beneficial change

Program Benefits

Discover how to navigate the rocky road of moving your operations, personnel and customers back to normal. You’ll gain effective strategies for restoring normalcy to a disrupted workforce, so your employees remain motivated and focused.

If you’d like this program customized for your organization, call us at 1-800-964-6033. We’re certain we can fulfill your training needs, while making it fit in your budget!

About the Speaker

In addition to corporate experience in several industries, Michelle Coussens has owned and operated Plan B Consulting for more than ten years. Her services span training and guidance in preparing strategic and business plans, assisting in plan development and execution, and various other aspects of operational excellence. In addition, she facilitates meetings and retreats in project management, leadership, ethics and other interpersonal topics, and she conducts market analysis and competitive intelligence for various types of entrepreneurs and organizations worldwide.

  • Michelle was the founding Chair of the Illinois Diversity Council Board of Directors and is a member of the Northwestern Council of 100.
  • Michelle is on the faculty of the American Management Association and of NeighborWorks® America, where she teaches numerous different strategic planning, management, and analytical seminars to business professionals around the world, teaches classroom seminars and online webinars for the Real Estate Institute, and she is also on the business faculty at College of DuPage.
  • Through her business, she has published more than 150 monthly issues of her newsletter, Planning Possibilities, which is currently distributed worldwide to more than 4,500 clients and contacts.

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After COVID-19: Getting Your Business & People Back On-track

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