Form I-9: ICE Requirement Updates for Remote & On-site Hires


Hiring new employees remotely left many employers unsure of how to update Form I-9. And now with many facilities continuing to keep at least part of their workforce remote, the rules on how to accurately complete Section 2 are still unclear.

Employers are still left with questions since Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) changed and then extended its guidance on how to conduct virtual document inspections. However, the extension has an expiration date and employers need to be ready for it. 

Our 75-minute program will tackle the challenges of updating I-9s, current compliance requirements, plus upcoming changes. Join us to learn:

  • Latest guidelines for verifying documentation of remote and on-site hires
  • What to do if a document used for the virtual inspection has expired or been lost
  • How to correct and document any errors they discovered during an update
  • Notations to use if you missed any required deadlines or procedure

Program Highlights

Join us for this compliance-based program to learn how employers are now required to verify employee documentation and properly complete Form I-9 for both remote and on-site employees. Plus, important dates on when the extension granted for remote employees expires.

Completing Form I-9 for remote hires and on-site employees

  • Timeframes in which updating of virtually completed I-9s must take place
  • Appointing an agent in another state to handle I-9 paperwork for out-of-state hires
  • Determine if you are using the most current version of the Form I-9
  • Assigning an update document reviewer when the virtual reviewer is not available

Handling Form I-9 errors and key compliance issues

  • Recognize the most common mistakes ICE auditors look for
  • Decide the validity of expired documents during an update
  • When Section 2 must be filled out on a separate Form I-9 than the original document
  • Drafting explanations for errors on I-9s where the new hire is no longer available

About the Speaker

Max Muller has been an expert in business law for over 49 years. In 1990 he began a consulting practice focusing on workplace legalities, e.g., equal employment opportunity, sexual harassment, FMLA, ADA, COBRA, FLSA, ADEA, etc., as well as safety and health regulatory compliance.

Max has shared his knowledge and expertise with over 100,000 people worldwide through programs like this, and through his books, including the popular SHRM/HarperCollins Leadership book: The Manager’s Guide to HR: Hiring, Firing, Performance Evaluations, Documentation, Benefits, and Everything Else You Need to Know. Second Edition.

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Form I-9: ICE Requirement Updates for Remote & On-site Hires

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