Pay Equity: Closing the Wage Gap & Leveling the Playing Field

When we hear terms like “pay inequity” and “unequal pay” – we tend to think of the gaps in pay between gender and race. But there’s much more to it – religion, age, physical and mental abilities, education, training – the list goes on.

It’s important to look at your organization objectively to conduct a pay equity analysis. Taking an unbiased look will help you determine if pay inequities are justified by compensable factors, like location and tenure, or by unjustified factors, like gender or race.

If you do have pay inequity as a result of unjustified factors, then you’re at risk of violating several federal laws for which there are serious consequences. And don’t forget about the most recent changes at the state and local levels, like…

…Eliminating salary-history inquiries…

…Offering pay transparency so workers can understand how their wages compare to target ranges…

…Providing specific reasons for pay disparities, e.g. education or tenure.

In this 90-minute online training, learn the steps you can take to ensure pay equity throughout your organization – and how to rectify it if necessary.

You’ll learn:

  • Legislation on pay equity and equal pay, compliance for your organization, and possible consequences
  • How to measure your pay equity and equality plus improve it
  • Ways to fight bias and sustain pay equity across your organization

Program Highlights

Pay equity and equal pay laws: What you need to know

  • Federal and state legislation that governs pay discrimination
  • Changes to the 2019 Paycheck Fairness Act and Equal Pay Act

Consequences to employers who are non-compliant with equal pay legislation:

  • Criteria used to determine whether an employer has committed compensation discrimination
  • Are victims of pay discrimination protected against retaliation under pay equity legislation?
  • Legitimate explanations for wage gaps

Steps you can take to create better pay equity and equality in your organization:

  • How to audit your pay practices and find where you can improve
  • Training for managers on treating all employees fairly and making transparent and consistent pay decisions

Controls that hold your workplace accountable and maintain pay equity overtime:

  • Set measurable goals around pay equity
  • Establish fair salary and compensation policies
  • Bias-proof your interviewing process
  • Steps to eradicate the gender wage gap

Program Benefits

After this 90-minute workshop, you’ll be able to implement a bulletproof process to measure, improve, and maintain both pay equity and equal pay across your organization.

If you’d like this program customized for your organization, call us at 1-800-964-6033. We’re certain we can fulfill your training needs, while making it fit in your budget!

About the Speaker

Diane L. Dee, President and Founder of Advantage HR Consulting, LLC is a senior Human Resources professional with over 25 years of experience in the HR arena. Diane’s background includes experience in HR consulting, training, and administration in corporate, government, consulting and pro bono environments.

Diane holds a Master Certificate in Human Resources from Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations and has attained SPHR and SHRM-SCP certification. Diane is a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners and the Society for Human Resource Management. Additionally, Diane performs pro bono work through the Taproot Foundation assisting non-profit clients by integrating their Human Resources goals with their corporate strategies.

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Pay Equity: Closing the Wage Gap & Leveling the Playing Field

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