Job candidates scheduling interviews without involving HR? There's an app for that

Instead of HR and recruiters wading through a sea of applications, imagine job candidates being able to schedule an in-person interview as soon as they apply.
To fill 80,000 positions, Home Depot is doing just that.

More candidates

The home improvement retailer introduced an app that allows job seekers to view openings, apply and set up an interview, all from the convenience of their phone, at any time. Home Depot also introduced a Text-to-Apply feature.
Since the new hiring tools, the number of Home Depot’s applicants has increased by 50%. And 80% of the candidates have used the self-scheduling interview feature.
Home Depot also has a mobile training app called PocketGuide, which allows new employees to learn about the company’s products while working on the shop floor.

The future of hiring?

An app allowing employees to schedule their own interviews makes sense for a huge retailer like Home Depot; it has a lot of positions to fill, and typically a high turnover rate. But an app like this could make a lot of sense for all different kinds of companies, big or small.
With unemployment at a record low, companies are having to fight for candidates in a way they haven’t before. Many HR pros are focusing on improving employee engagement and attracting new talent, and a system like this could be the way to go.
One of job seekers’ biggest frustrations with the application process is how impersonal it is. Very often, candidates submit applications and never hear back. By allowing them to set up an interview, applicants know they’ll get a chance to talk with someone. The convenience of applying through an app can also attract the candidates who are turned off by lengthy online applications.

Rachel Mucha
Rachel writes about Human Resource management and has been a member of the HRMorning staff since 2017. She is a graduate of Ithaca College. Email: