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A growing library of detailed, step-by-step frameworks, advice and recommendations for navigating everyday HR challenges and difficult situations.

Essential Insights cover

Essential Insights

A library of 14+ concise, 20- to 30-page executive summaries that deliver quick tips, distilled research and curated knowledge on a specific topic.

Practical Tools cover

Practical Tools

A library of 75+ desk references such as checklists, worksheets, scripts, and more to help implement new ideas. Bridging the gap between advice and execution.

Icon - Legal Q&A


A library of 100+ questions by HR practitioners with answers by practicing employment law attorneys.

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A library of 50+ court judgments that present the key facts in story form and allow you to guess the outcome before seeing how the court ruled, with analysis from our expert HR team and what it means to you in practice.

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A library of 50+ challenging HR situations with the recommendations of three HR practitioners on how to resolve them.



A library of 100+ short to medium length-case studies – success stories from HR professionals – that you can adapt to your unique company situation.

What's Working in Human Resources Newsletter - Cover

What's Working in Human Resources Newsletter

An exclusive, downloadable digital newsletter containing select content hand-curated by our editors – ideal for printing out and reading on the go.

eNewsletters - Sample


eNewsletters that provide a continuous stream of ideas and advice while keeping you up-to-date on the latest valuable site content.

Blueprint Covers

HRMorning Blueprints

One-of-a-Kind Problem-Solving Guides That Methodically Get You From Problem Through to Solution By Laying out a Hands-On, Action-Oriented Framework for Success.

Information means nothing without a plan for using it. That's where our Blueprints come in.

Each Blueprint focuses on a key challenge in your role as an HR professional. They provide you with a detailed framework of analysis and implementation that guides you step-by-step from problem to solution.

Why are our frameworks so popular? Because they work.

Read below for a bit about our special sauce.

The Unique Framework That Makes Our Blueprints So Useful

Blueprint Chapter 1
Blueprint Chapter 2
Blueprint Chapter 3
Blueprint Chapter 4

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Essential Insights Covers

Essential Insights

Minimize Headaches and Foster Success With Short Primers on Need-to-Know Topics That Also Make Great Training Materials for Your Managers

Our Essential Insights are 20-30 page plain-English guides to both the employment law topics and soft skills areas, with special emphasis on those where managers most often need improvement.

Our Essential Insights will get you and your managers up-to-speed and leave you with focused, practical and actionable takeaways you can put to use in your organization.

Membership gives you instant access to an ever-growing library of Essential Insights, many of which make GREAT training tools for your managers.

Click a cover to get quick looks at some of the things you and your managers will learn in each Essential Insight

Performance Management
Stopping Difficult People From Sucking the Life Out of Your Organization
38 pages

This no-nonsense plan delivers actionable tactics you can use today to effectively handle difficult employees and prevent bad behavior in the workplace from spreading. In it in you'll learn steps to stopping bad behavior in just 30 minutes, including:

  • proven strategies to handle ANY employee
  • when to reward and when to discipline
  • how to criticize in a manner that gets through and changes behavior
  • and more
Employment Law
The Right Answers to the 33 Toughest FMLA Questions You'll Ever Face
21 pages

Top labor lawyers clear up FMLA gray areas so you know exactly how to stay in compliance and ensure employees aren't exploiting this complicated law. Get clear, practical advice and answers to your toughest FMLA questions on topics such as:

  • health conditions that do, and don't, qualify for FMLA
  • intermittent leave
  • caregiver eligibility requirements for same sex partners
  • and more
Talent Management
9 Mistakes New Managers Make Most Often
23 pages

Prepare new managers for the challenges, skills and situations that come with their new position with the actionable strategies you'll find in this fast-read report. Learn effective management training any organization can use, including how to:

  • avoid indecision to gain the respect of your team and your superiors
  • keep favoritism from killing morale
  • delegate effectively to prevent burnout
  • and more
Talent Management
Motivating Without Monney: 91 Inexpensive Ways to Keep Employees Happy
22 pages

Supercharge your team's morale and performance even if you're operating on a shoestring budget. This practical guide provides simple, inexpensive strategies to recognize and reward employees for a job well done, without breaking the bank. Find out:

  • what employees say makes them happy and interested in work
  • how to double the effects of your praise
  • which team building ideas work best inside the office
  • and more
Talent Management
Turning Good Employees Into Great Managers
21 pages

Here's practical advice and actionable strategies for meeting the challenging demands of your new role as a manager. This quick-read guide is a powerful resource for handling even the most difficult situations, including:

  • exerting your authority without alienating subordinates
  • deciding what tasks to delegate and what to keep
  • how to toe the company line – even when you don't agree
  • and more
Performance Management
The 7 Most Disruptive Workplace Issues – and How to Handle Them
22 pages

Give your managers the proven techniques they can use right now to strengthen their managerial skills, tackle that tough conversation with an employee and create a high-performance workforce. This clear, straightforward guide is packed with tips on how to:

  • keep acidic attitudes from eroding morale
  • manage prima donnas and know-it-alls
  • resolve workplace conflicts with tact and avoid future legal trouble
  • and more
Leadership & Strategy
19 Key People Skills Leaders Need at Every Level
25 pages

Boost your interpersonal skills and become a better listener, a better negotiator and a more effective leader. This quick-read guide will help improve communication among people at all levels within your organization. Learn how to:

  • Deal with difficult people – while still being polite
  • Say "no" without feeling guilty
  • Give and receive criticism
  • and more
Employment Law
Intermittent FMLA Leave: Taking Control of HR's Biggest Headache
20 pages

Untangle one of the most confusing and worrisome aspects of FMLA: intermittent leave. This plain-English, clearly written guide will help you make sense of the many challenge aspects of this law. Get answers to your toughest questions on:

  • continuing treatment
  • certification forms
  • retroactive leave
  • and more
Performance Management
Performance Reviews That Work
39 pages

This step by step framework sets you up for conducting more successful performance reviews and includes sample written reviews you can use immediately. Find out:

  • how to establish accountability and responsibility
  • why you should separate the review from the raise
  • how to give feedback that provides help and insight
  • and more
Performance Management
Dealing With and Eliminating Unacceptable Behavior
18 pages

Put an end to unacceptable behavior that drains everyone's energy and productivity. This fast-read guide gives you the tools you need to quickly and effectively eliminate bad behavior and refocus employees on achieving goals. You'll learn:

  • the best approaches for one-on-one and group encounters
  • how to inspire an environment of accountability
  • surefire ways to effectively follow up and monitor progress
  • and more
Talent Management
Why Good People Jump Ship - And What You Can Do To Keep Them
22 pages

In this quick-read guide to better employee retention, you'll learn why most people leave their jobs and what practical steps you can take to keep them – before they start looking. Learn what's working for other companies in these real-life examples of hiring and retention success stories. You'll discover:

  • which management styles drive people nuts – and out the door
  • how to tailor your workplace to accommodate changing lifestyles
  • what questions to ask when evaluating your current program
  • and more
Talent Management
Coaching Skills for Managers and Supervisors
23 pages

Learn communication and coaching strategies to mentor employees at all levels and help improve their performance. Lead and teach by example as you discover:

  • winning characteristics of successful coaches
  • steps to recover and move on from mistakes
  • active listening methods that show you care
  • and more
Performance Management
Terminating Without Fear: What Employee Need to Know
24 pages

This straightforward, easy to follow plan will guide you through the often-difficult task of terminating an employee. You'll be confident that you can handle this responsibility professionally, and without fear of legal backlash. Learn what steps you need to take in order to:

  • minimize legal exposure while following best practices
  • protect your organization from frivolous lawsuits
  • navigate complex, changing HR laws
  • and more
Performance Management
Handling Difficult Conversations with Employees: What Every Manager Needs to Know
21 pages

This clear, straightforward guide will help you develop a system for handling those difficult, but necessary, conversations with employees. Learn the do's and don'ts of controlling the conversation and ensure you get the desired outcome while protecting your company from legal challenges. Included are:

  • common conversational traps and how to avoid them
  • examples of what should and shouldn't be in writing
  • how the courts view "official" and "unofficial" conversations
  • and more

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Our Practical Tools Get You There

These printable quick references run the gamut from handy checklists to quick 2-page refreshers on employment law to useful handouts you can use to train your managers .

Membership includes access to over 75+ Practical Tools

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Legal Q&A's

Boost Your HR IQ: Learn from Our Experts' Answers to Tough HR Questions From Your Peers

Among our members' favorite resources, our Legal Q&As consist of actual questions submitted to our staff by real-world HR pros and answered by one of our subject matter experts, typically attorneys specializing in employment law.

Members like that they can immediately identify with the questions being asked – as they've wrestled with similar issues on their own – and love the plain-English break-down our experts give.

They also like that these questions can be used to gauge their subject matter knowledge and point to areas they need to brush up on.

Learn How to Make the Right Call in Tricky Situations With Expert Answers to These Questions and Hundreds More …

  • Can we require employees to cover up their tattoos?
  • Can we legally conduct surveillance if we think an employee is abusing or falsifying FMLA leave?
  • If we require all candidates to do video interviews, could this deter deaf candidates from applying, therefore violating the ADA?
  • Can we require employees to take vacation during a certain window of time?
  • Can an employee be terminated for a racist social media post, or are they protected under the First Amendment?
  • If we send an hourly employee to a different work site for the day, do we have to compensate the employee for the travel time?
  • Can we make it mandatory for employees to get a flu shot?
  • If an employee gives their two weeks notice, then wants to retract it, do we then have to keep them on?
  • Can we ban cell phones at work, or limit use to emergency situations only?
  • What are some down-to-earth ways to tell if an independent contractor should actually be classified as an employee?
  • Can we make all job applicants submit to a pre-employment physical exam?
  • If an employee can't physically come into work full-time because of a disability, are they no longer qualified for their job?
  • A job applicant just volunteered she was pregnant. How should I handle this?
  • If an employee doesn't receive enough nondiscretionary bonuses in a quarter to remain exempt, can we make a catch-up payment?
  • Can we run a criminal history check on a long-time employee?
  • An employee's doctor said she needs a 15-minute, FMLA-covered rest break every hour for her medical condition. Do we need to pay her for that time?

Case Studies

Read These and Rack Up Some Easy Wins With Success Stories from Your Peers

There's nothing better than getting a solid win. Whether it's lowering healthcare costs (yes, it's possible), to boosting employee participation in wellness and 401K programs, to attracting better talent – every HR pro can take a page from what worked for their peers and get some solid wins on their own.

That's what our HRMorning Case Studies are all about – success stories from other HR Professionals that you can adapt to your own unique challenges.

When you become a member, you get a treasure trove of real-world, proven, actionable ideas that you can draw upon to overcome obstacles, reach your goals and achieve your objectives.

Find Out What's Working for Your Peers With Our Real-World Case Studies and Learn How To:

  • Make managers and supervisors better interviewers
  • Boost morale with a 'No jerks' policy
  • Put more money in employees' pockets (the ultimate perk)
  • Get employees out of 'silos' and working together through competition
  • Cut health plan costs AND improve employee satisfaction
  • Eliminate generational differences in the workforce
  • Get 70% participation in a smoking cessation program
  • Revitalize a referral program through social networking
  • Stop workplace whining
  • Solve communication problems with remote workers
  • Devise a training strategy that lifts performance, retention and employee engagement
  • Stop looking at resumes – and find better employees as a result
  • Improve manager documentation
  • Offer more competitive and accurate salaries
  • Reduce turnover rates
  • Achieve 96% employee engagement in your retirement plan

"I find the real-life examples valuable. This is great for learning and using to train line supervisors."– Lee Meyer, HR Director, Child Start, Inc.

What Would You Do? Scenarios

Learn New Ways to Resolve Challenging Workplace Problems Through Advice from Your Peers

When a crisis involving a personnel matter rears its ugly head, you're the one tasked with resolving it. And each crisis you handle prepares you for the next one.

That's the idea behind our "What Would You Do" Scenarios, where we present a short summary of a challenging HR situation to three HR Practitioners and have them tell us how they would have handled the problem.

Our members say they benefit not only from being forced to think through what their own actions would be, but in seeing the diversity and creativity of the responses their peers have given.

Get Fresh Ideas to Overcome Everyday Challenges By Seeing How Your Peers Would Handle Some All Too Familiar Situations …

  • What should a manager do with overeager worker who's getting on people's nerves?
  • Problems weren't documented but poor performer needs to go: What now?
  • Family-friendly flex time riles workers without kids: Is there a fix?
  • Employee has emotional support dog at work, but not everyone's happy about it: Next steps?
  • New hire isn't working out: Send him packing or move him elsewhere?
  • Some employees feel slighted because others have freer schedules: What do you tell them?
  • Applicants keep turning down job due to salary offer: What should HR do?
  • He suspects colleague is in an abusive relationship: What should he do?
  • Employees refuse to work with colleague after seeing controversial Facebook rant: Best ways to respond?
  • Should firm pay new hires more – at the risk of upsetting veteran employees?
  • Office romance: What do you do when a bad breakup affects their work?
  • How do you get smokers to stop abusing breaks?
  • Sick worker says she's too swamped to take time off: What should HR do?
  • Workers keep leaving early, despite warnings: What should HR do?
  • Manager's a workaholic, but her staffers want more work/life balance: What's your solution?
  • What to do when employee can't work during her unpredictable migraines?

You Be The Judge Quizzes

Steer Your Company Clear of Costly Lawsuits by Sharpening Your Ability to Identify How Mistakes Get Made – And How to Avoid Them

Many lawsuits that land before a judge could have been avoided if managers and supervisors had only done the right thing at the right time.

Our "You Be The Judge" Quizzes present dramatized versions of actual legal cases and ask you to correctly match the verdict handed down by a real-world judge.

Reading these cases and guessing the outcome boosts your awareness of how the courts are interpreting current employment laws and equips you with the knowledge to avoid similar missteps by your managers.

Hone Your Ability to Spot Legal Landmines and Head Off Trouble By Predicting How the Judge Ruled in Topical Cases Like the Following …

  • He didn't finish applying for the job, so how can he be suing?
  • Was 'no-work-from-home' rule a violation of FMLA?
  • Can a one-time incident create a hostile environment?
  • Did staffer's obesity qualify as a disability?
  • Is 'less stress' a reasonable request under the ADA?
  • Can man file COBRA lawsuit 4 years after termination?
  • Manager had staffer's email secretly forwarded to him: Was it legal?
  • Office romance ends in threats, but was firing legal?
  • She claims rumor made workplace hostile: Sex discrimination?
  • Could company make staffer give up drinking – forever?
  • Worker didn't report hours: Can he sue for unpaid OT?
  • Was it legal to deny pregnant worker light duty?
  • Is employee's Facebook 'like' protected by federal law?
  • Did firm have to put up with disabled staffer's tardiness?
  • Are crude texts harassment if worker wasn't offended?
  • Can employee's veganism really qualify as a religion?

"The current cases and court decisions are really helpful."– Timothy Rankin, Director of Personnel, Millcreek Township School District

Digital Newsletter

Catch Up On Choice HRMorning Content With a Downloadable, Biweekly Digital Newsletter – Perfect For Printing Out and Reading On the Go

What's Working in Human Resources gives you a digest of selected HRMorning content hand-curated by our editors. Its fast-read format is designed to get you up-to-speed with need-to-know news, guidance and advice found on the site.

Delivered every 2 weeks as a downloadable PDF, it can be read online or for those more "old school" is ideal for printing out and reading at your leisure.

HRMorning eNewsletters

Get a Continuous Stream of Ideas and Advice and Stay Up-To-Date on New Site Content

Our eNewsletters keep you current with what's happening in the world of HR. They include our weekly Top Stories summary – a run down of our best stories over the past week, as chosen by our editors, so you're guaranteed to never miss a game-changing idea.


"I use What's Working in Human Resources in my weekly messages to staff, colleagues and associates. I've found the information invaluable. Time is essential. I like the quick-read summaries."

– Gary Jarrett, Section Chief, NC Dept. of Public Instruction

HRMorning's Membership Resources are trusted and relied on by … … more than 100,000 HR Executives from companies of all types and sizes and from every state.


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Joseph Velatti, HR manager, Papettds


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Connie Eggleston, HR Manager, Farmers State Bank of Calhan


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Diane Hamelin, HR, Chesapeake Contracting Group


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"I'm a one-person department and it helps me keep current on HR issues."

Kathy Larson, City Clerk/HR Director, City of Craig, CO


"This is useful and applicable information. The case studies and keeping abreast of regulatory changes are really valuable."

Linda Hall, Controller, Rental Assistance Corporation of Buffalo


"It covers all the bases and gets right to the point. I love the law updates and situational examples!"

Carrie Jordan, HR Director, Babe Farms


"I was surprised at the number of articles which coincide with my every day office environment. I find the real problems, real solutions feature most helpful. I use it for a quick reference."

Chere Johnson, Asst. Dir. HR, The American Legion


"I'm extremely busy and this keeps me up to date without investing a lot of time. I get a high line overview of current topics in a quick read format."

Meagan Bare, HR Manager, Corporate Interiors


"It allows me to cover a broad range of topics quickly. It has innovative ideas and timely information I share with management."

Mark Fowler, HR Director, St. Joseph's Hospital


"Everything is so insightful and informative – I've learned a lot from it."

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Traci Johnson, Exec. Secretary, Appalachian Council

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  • Practical Tools

    A library of 75+ desk references such as checklists, worksheets, scripts, and more to help implement new ideas. Bridging the gap between advice and execution.

  • HR Legal Q&A's

    A library of 100+ questions by HR practitioners with answers by practicing employment law attorneys.

  • What Would You Do? Scenarios

    A library of 50+ challenging HR situations with the recommendations of three HR practitioners on how to resolve them.

  • HR Case Studies

    A library of 100+ short to medium-length case studies – success stories from HR professionals – that you can adapt to your unique company situation.

  • You Be the Judge Quizzes

    A library of 50+ court judgments that present the key facts in story form and allow you to guess the outcome before seeing how the court ruled, with analysis from our expert HR team and what it means to you in practice.

  • What's Working in Human Resources Newsletter

    An exclusive, downloadable, fast-read digital newsletter containing select content hand-curated by our editors – ideal for printing out and reading on the go.

  • HRMorning eNewsletter

    eNewsletters that provide a continuous stream of ideas and advice while keeping you up-to-date on the latest valuable site content.

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