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Tackle employee isolation: 4 ways to improve well-being

Every HR pro knows an employee’s mental health is just as important as their physical health. And when employees aren’t getting what they need, their work suffers. 

Plagued by presenteeism? 3 ways to get employees back on track

You’ve seen it before: an employee comes into work, but gets so little done they might as well have stayed home. These unproductive days can really add up.

EEOC explains rights of employees with mental health conditions

The EEOC continues to issue resource guides for employees suffering from various health conditions to let them know the job protections and benefits available to them under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). But while the guides are written for workers, employers can learn a lot from them. 

Are employees’ mental health issues costing your firm millions?

Wellness initiatives like walking programs or weight-loss competitions may get all the press, but employers are selling their workforce short by not tackling another wellness issue: mental health.

Study reveals surprising way to improve employee health

Here’s a health plan cost control measure you may not have thought about:

Regs covering mental health, substance abuse benefits to take effect soon

It’s time for group health plans offering mental health or substance abuse benefits to examine their policies to see if they’re in compliance with laws that take effect in 2010.