Employment Law

How the ‘at-will’ myth can leave employers exposed

The vast majority of states operate under the “at-will” doctrine of employment, which gives both employers and employees the right to terminate a working relationship at any time, for any reason – or for no reason at all. But misunderstandings about the at-will doctrine often gives supervisors a false sense of security: “Hey, we’re operating […]

In battle of PGA v. ADA, golfer John Daly gets an accommodation

Turns out even the PGA (the Professional Golfers Association) falls under the auspices of the ADA (the Americans with Disabilities Act), which apparently offers no mulligans the second time around. According to the published reports, pro golfer John Daly has been granted permission by the PGA to ride in a cart during competition in this week’s […]

California Sexual Harassment case ends in $11M jury award

For the second time this year, a California jury has awarded a sizeable $11 million verdict against an employer stemming from a workplace sexual harassment lawsuit, according to numerous published reports. Late last week, a Los Angeles jury found against Alki David, a billionaire Beverly Hills producer of holograms of celebrities, and sided with one […]

Court ruling: Employers must send EEOC pay data by September

Attention all EEO-1 reporting employers: Some additional compliance requirements are heading your way.  A federal judge recently ruled that in addition to submitting EEO-1 surveys on employee demographic data, employers now must also report employee pay data to the Commission. The deadline for this new requirement is September 30, 2019. To fall under the EEO-1 […]

Retaliation at Google? Tech giant’s #MeToo fallout continues

Google is back in the #MeToo spotlight, this time for allegedly retaliating against employees who say the company doesn’t protect workers against sexual harassment. Five months after more than 20,000 of its employees walked off the job to protest what they described as a company culture that has allowed a “history of harassment, discrimination, and […]

Keeping up to date on 6 critical HR activities

How can you find the information you need to be sure you’re compliant with changes in relevant laws and regulations? The best way is to identify at least one reliable source of information for each of the six primary “buckets” of HR: Hiring, Discipline, Termination, Recordkeeping and Retention, Administering Policies and Procedures, and Legal Updates. […]

Keeping Up to Date on the 6 Critical HR Activities

Drafting a remote work policy: 5 legal pitfalls to watch for

The ability to work from home has morphed into a highly valued perk. In response, many companies are implementing work-from-home-benefits for employees in an effort to attract and retain top talent, and to stay competitive. As these benefits become more popular, and more customized, employers are wise to take caution: It’s possible that without a […]

Walmart job changes create PR mess, draw EEOC attention

Walmart is already paying a heavy public relations price for its announced decision to eliminate the “Greeter” position at its U.S. stores, replacing those jobs with a new position it is calling “customer host.” Now it faces at least one lawsuit and numerous EEOC complaints alleging violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The new […]