Unrealistic expectations create turnover

Having trouble with new employee turnover? One problem might be the things candidates are told during the hiring process.
In a recent survey, 75% of employees said their experiences in job interviews had been either good or excellent. But there are some problems. For instance, 20% of the respondents said they’d taken a job that didn’t match the expectations that were laid out beforehand.
That’s one of the big causes of new employee turnover, according to a different survey by the Novations Group. Out of all the companies surveyed, almost half (48%) said the top reason new people quit is unrealistic expectations of the job.
The fault can lie either with the employer, for not providing enough information, or with candidates, for being unrealistic or not asking enough questions. On the employer’s side, the trouble can be reduced if:

  • HR and recruiters know the position. HR is the candidate’s first point of contact, so make sure you get a clear description from every department.
  • Questions are answered thoroughly. Interviewing requires a balance between selling the company and giving candidates the info they need to make sure your company’s the right fit. Leaning too close to the former can only hurt in the long run.
  • People meet their potential boss. In the survey, 19% of employees said they’d never met the manager they’d be working for until they started working. But one big part of knowing what to expect on the job is knowing whom you’ll be working for.

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