Dealing with Rude Employees: Stop Bad Behavior in the Workplace


Sometimes people have a bad moment, or a bad day, and they behave like beasts: rude, crude and ugly. Some even take that behavior to work, acting like caged animals at the zoo with roaring outbursts and passive aggressive growling.

In this challenging time of rapid change, economic unrest, and lingering virus concerns, we’re working in emotionally charged environments – which means we’re dealing with even more beastly behavior (we might even be the beasts).

This 60-minute workshop focuses on dealing with truly difficult people as well as nice people struggling to work through difficult situations. After, you’ll be able to handle the beasts, manage and reduce conflict in the workplace, increase employee productivity and positive energy, and lower stress for everyone.

Program Highlights

Master React vs. Respond for Great People Management:

  • Communication techniques to quickly calm the beast and get to the root of the problem
  • Quick self-analysis to check you’re not at the center of the problem – and what to do if you are
  • How to eliminate excuses for bad behavior from the discussion
  • How to deflect attacks and refocus on solving the real issue
  • Walk the talk: Ways to calm your personal inner beast when put to the test

There’s No Such Thing as “Too Difficult” to Manage:

  • Determine what a difficult person wants/needs when they won’t tell you
  • When “difficult” is actually the right approach to get results
  • Identify the value of NOT having a team made up of perfectly behaved players
  • The secret to productivity and positive energy – even when dealing with difficult employees

Get Answers to Manager’s Questions about Difficult Employees:

  • Why do nice people sometimes act/react crazy at work?
  • When confronting an employee about their bad behavior, how do I be empathetic without accepting excuses?
  • How do I influence an uncooperative employee who’s refusing to tell me the real problem?
  • If my employee is acting out because of something I said or did, how do we find an objective solution that also addresses any personal issues?
  • We’re having too many employee problems surrounding bad, un-teamlike behavior. How can I prevent stress, needless confrontation, and tension in the workplace?

About the Speaker

Gina Maddox helps ambitious individuals imagine the possibilities, establish their goals, and turn their dreams into reality – achieving both personal and professional success. Gina’s high-energy presentations are packed with the kind of savvy information, techniques and strategies that only come from first-hand experience. With a style that’s bold, yet nurturing, Gina isn’t afraid to say what the audience needs to hear. Her commitment to helping individuals enhance their personal impact and take personal responsibility for their success has helped thousands of people across the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean believe in themselves, plan and prepare for their future, and confidently take on a host of new challenges.

Gina’s diverse career set the stage for her successful entry into public speaking and training. Her professional background includes a fifteen-year career in healthcare administration, national marketing and public relations experience, professional fundraising, political and charity campaign management, freelance writing and reporting. She followed that with a two-decade long career as an author, speaker and trainer. Gina is an Executive Training Consultant for SyN Learning Institute and Speakers You Need LLC.  

Program Benefits

Most managers or supervisors dread confronting an employee who is difficult to work with. And when that employee is excellent at their job, the task can get even trickier.

After attending this interactive workshop training, you’ll be able to confidently handle conflict, ease team tensions, build rapport in times of disagreement, and prevent difficult employees from eating away at your team’s – and your company’s – productivity.

If you’d like this program customized for your organization, call us at 1-800-964-6033. We’re certain we can fulfill your training needs, while making it fit in your budget!

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Dealing with Rude Employees: Stop Bad Behavior in the Workplace

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