Do’s and Don’ts of Performance Reviews


Discover performance review techniques that will help you obtain more loyalty and productivity than you’ve ever had in the past. In this webinar you’ll learn what NOT to do, but more importantly, you’ll learn what TO do in order to build rapport with your employees. Find out how to conduct healthy performance reviews that:

  • Ensure goals are focused and achievable
  • Remove roadblocks the employee may face
  • Ask appropriate questions and give impactful feedback, both positive and negative

Program Highlights

In this webinar you will learn how to put a positive performance appraisal process in place and learn how to:

Take control of the situation – Preparation

  • Prepare yourself for each individual and give employees specifics to prepare
  • Communicate performance review logistics
  • Clarify expectations with measurable goals
  • How to maintain a conversational interview when things get heated

Deliver Constructive Feedback: During Reviews and On-the-Spot

  • Give feedback without damaging the relationship
  • Handle inadvertent human errors and the inevitable salary/raise question
  • Allow employees to surface the truth in the review process
  • Don’t accuse – Speak from observable facts
  • Avoid the “sandwich” technique

Post-Review Monitoring and Follow-Up

  • Develop KRA’s – Key Result Areas
  • Set consequences for non-performance

Question and Answer Session – Hear expert answers to real-world questions!

ADDED BONUS: You will be taught innovative ways to use Microsoft Outlook Contacts/People to document interactions with direct reports.

Program Benefits

Take the anxiety out of yearly performance reviews with this 60-minute webinar. The techniques taught in this webinar will:

  • Give you confidence to conduct a successful performance review
  • Help you develop skills in observation of behaviors
  • Strengthen your ability to listen and ask questions
  • Enlighten you on how to have conversations on-the-spot that support annual performance reviews

About the Speaker

Karla Brandau is the author of How to Earn the Gift of Discretionary Effort, a 21st century leadership book. She is a thought leader on how to create a culture in your organization that engages employees and enables them to give discretionary effort on a regular basis.

  • CEO of Brandau Power Institute, a management consulting firm with expertise in 4-quadrant personality, strengthening the touch points between managers and employees, and increasing the productivity of work teams. Her clients include corporations such as Coca-Cola Enterprises and Panasonic, government agencies including the EPA, NIH, and the FDA, and many associations.
  • She is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), an earned designation given by National Speakers Association.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Performance Reviews

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