How Great Leaders Mentor and Motivate Multiple Generations

Today’s leaders are faced with the challenge of motivating multiple generations, all of which have different needs, views and ideals. To be successful requires a multi-faceted approach with a foundation in mentoring. In this 75-minute training, we will discuss:

  • Key attributes of today’s multi-generational workforce
  • Proven strategies to lead in this environment
  • How to incorporate mentoring (not management) to motivate, guide, and support both individual and team development

Program Highlights

Keys to managing a multi-generational workforce: What’s the difference?

  • How to leverage contributions that individuals in different generations make
  • Shifting expectations of today’s employees
  • Strategy to be inclusive, yet unique to varying behaviors and values

Use mentoring as a key strategy to connect, motivate, and guide employees

  • How to develop and support successful mentorships
  • Build trust with specific mentoring styles
  • Leverage the strengths of long-term employees while supporting employee motivation and commitment

Proven leadership techniques that maximize employee performance

  • How to move employees to action – and sustain their enthusiasm
  • What it takes to supervise multiple generations in today’s fast paced, digital world
  • Strategies to ensure your team is engaged, productive, & committed

Live Question & Answer Session – Have your questions answered by the expert!

Program Benefits

After this 75-minute training program, you will understand how to uniquely motivate your multi-generational employees that will build trust, increase productivity, and create a sense of loyalty. Discover how to use your long-time employees as resources to take some of the load off your plate when they mentor and motivate your other employees in effective ways that your title might not have allowed.

About the Speaker

Shawn Casemore is the author of The Unstoppable Organization (by Career Press 2018) and Operational Empowerment (McGraw Hill, 2016). He is a lifelong student of leadership and continues to find proven methods to motivate and inspire teams to higher levels of productivity.

  • For nearly 20 years, Shawn Casemore has been helping organizations improve their operational performance./li>
  • Shawn is a highly sought after national speaker and writer. His articles have been published in both print and online in several industry publications including “Globe and Mail”, “CFO Magazine” and the “Association of Manufacturing”

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How Great Leaders Mentor and Motivate Multiple Generations

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