Better Interviewing Techniques to Get Better Candidates: Find the Best Fit

On average, employers lose half their new hires in the first two-years, but with better interviewing strategies, you can significantly improve retention. Without a solid interviewing plan in place, you can’t get a true look at your candidates and what they can contribute to your company. In this must-attend webinar event, we’ll give you proven interviewing techniques that dig deeper, and tools to help size up candidates before they walk through the door.

No more regretting that latest new-hire! Join us to discover:

  • Keys to identifying the perfect candidate, before they apply
  • Interview questions that get to the core of what candidates have to offer
  • Top interviewing mistakes you need to stop making today
  • How to get honest and better results from your reference checks

Program Highlights

Planning the Interview: Preparation Tips to Get a Better Look at Candidates

  • What traits and skills does your ‘perfect’ candidate have?
  • Keys to setting the goals and objectives of your interview
  • Understanding the job role, before you try to fill it

Interviewing Essentials for Managers: The Questions You Should be Asking

  • Developing questions that get the real information you need
  • Common interview questions to avoid, yet everyone asks
  • Why talking less can elicit more information from candidates
  • Key interview skills managers should know and use
  • Techniques to uncover candidates’ skills and commitment

Beyond Questions: Key Tools for Sizing Up Candidates

  • Behavioral red flags to watch for from candidates
  • Techniques to improve the results of reference checks
  • How you can quickly find the best candidates for your job

Question and Answer Session – Hear expert answers to real-world questions!

Program Benefits

In this 60-minute program you’ll learn effective interview questions, and strategies to use before and after the interview to find the best fit for your job opening.

About the Speaker

David Dye is the President of Let’s Grow Leaders, a company dedicated to helping leaders achieve transformational results.

  • For over 20 years, David has been helping organizations increase performance, motivate and engage employees, and get more results.
  • He is the award-winning author of “Winning Well: A Manager’s Guide to Getting Results Without Losing Your Soul” and “The Seven Things Your Team Needs to Hear You Say”.
  • David is a highly sought after international speaker and writer. His articles have appeared in “Fast Company”, “Investors Business Daily” and “The Huffington Post”.

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Better Interviewing Techniques to Get Better Candidates: Find the Best Fit

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