Don’t Get Ghosted by Your Best Candidates!


Finding the best candidate for your open job is a constant battle.

Not only do you have to seek out those with the best talent, but you have to keep them interested so they don’t vanish before your eyes and ditch you without notice! Also known as “ghosting.”

This recently coined phenomenon (thanks to dating apps!), refers to when someone cuts off contact with another person, failing to respond to any communications and essentially becoming a “ghost.”

95% of recruiters say they have been “ghosted” by candidates. And what’s worse, 40% of candidates believe it’s reasonable to ghost firms.

The good news is that ghosting can be defeated.

That’s where we come in.

In this 60-minute workshop, we’ll dive into how to build upon your current recruiting process, leading you to the best candidates for the job time and again, proven techniques that create and maintain enthusiasm for the job from your potential new hire, plus how to:

  • Establish and maintain on-going communication that isn’t too pushy
  • Win over your best candidates who may be on the fence, or have multiple offers
  • Effectively and efficiently find the time in your busy schedule to give top candidates the attention needed to ensure they don’t vanish on you
  • Create a candidate communication plan – and put it to use, today
  • Avoid major obstacles and unnecessary steps that can unintentionally sabotage your efforts
  • And more …

Program Highlights

How to attract candidates and stick out from the competition

  • Top industry tactics to make your recruiting process user-friendly
  • Discover how to proactively market your organization and the position throughout the process
  • Uncover potential blind spots: Keys to audit your recruiting process… including a webinar participant handout to assist you in eliminating inefficiency and ineffectiveness

How to keep up with best practices in recruiting and keeping candidates interested

  • Keys to proactively market your organization and your open positions throughout the process
  • Walk the talk – critical insights into the importance of follow up touchpoints (when to reach out and what to say)
  • Top techniques to keeping your back-up candidates interested – you don’t want to ghost them either!

Proven strategies and techniques to stop ghosting altogether

  • The #1 way to combat ghosting from the beginning of your process
  • Discover the best, most efficient and successful channels to communicate with your potential new hires
  • When and where to loosen up your recruiting process that allows flexibility to your candidate, without getting walked all over

About the Speaker

In addition to corporate experience in several industries, Michelle Coussens has owned and operated Plan B Consulting for more than a decade. Her services span training and guidance in preparing strategic and business plans, assisting in plan development and execution, and various other aspects of operational excellence.

In addition, she facilitates meetings and retreats in project management, leadership, ethics, and other interpersonal topics, and she conducts market analysis and competitive intelligence for various types of entrepreneurs and organizations worldwide.

Michelle was also the founding Chair of the Illinois Diversity Council Board of Directors and is a member of the Northwestern Council of 100.

Michelle is on the faculty of the American Management Association and of NeighborWorks®  America, where she teaches numerous different strategic planning, management, and analytical seminars to business professionals around the world, teaches classroom seminars and online webinars for the Real Estate Institute, and she is also on the business faculty at College of DuPage.

Through her business, she has published more than 150 monthly issues of her newsletter, Planning Possibilities, which is currently distributed worldwide to more than 4,500 clients and contacts.

Michelle previously served as the first Dean of the School of Business at Kendall College. She built and managed all aspects of the School, including faculty and curriculum selection and assessment, as well as program development and enhancement.

Program Benefits

No need to throw your hands up in the air and let the ghosting happen – with the insights you’ll discover in this live workshop, you’ll be able to unlock the keys to how you can eliminate candidate ghosting altogether.

If you’d like this program customized for your organization, call us at 1-800-964-6033. We’re certain we can fulfill your training needs, while making it fit in your budget!

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Don’t Get Ghosted by Your Best Candidates!

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