Find Better Candidates with Behavioral Interviewing

When you hire someone, isn’t it better to hire the right person for the position from the start? But how do you know if they’re the best fit? And as you do know, a poor hire costs your organization in time, resources, productivity – and potential lawsuits!

Behavioral interviewing techniques help you to better uncover a candidate’s past performance, after all, future behavior is best predicted by past behavior! You’ll better determine if the candidate has demonstrated the skills needed to succeed in the role you’re hiring for. Join us to learn:

  • Probing questions that get more details from candidates
  • Open-ended questions that show a candidate’s past performance
  • Interview techniques that ensure you find the best fit
  • Core competencies to identify the key job requirements
  • Interview prep tips to help you be more clear and confident in the process!

Program Highlights

In this course you will:

  • Practice using probing questions that encourage the candidate to provide more detail about a particular situation they are describing, and their specific role regarding key events.
  • Learn how probing questions can provide important information on:
    • The situation or task facing the candidate
    • The actions the candidate took
    • The results or changes caused by these actions
  • Utilize interview preparation techniques that help you to be clear, effective and confident during the interviewing process.
  • Learn how to use KSA’s (knowledge, skills and abilities) and core competencies to identify job requirements.
  • Develop interviewing questions that solicit valuable information from candidates and help you determine abilities based on past performance.
  • Practice using an effective behavioral interviewing process.
  • Interpret and evaluate responses to determine if candidates are a good fit.
  • Understand legal interviewing techniques – do’s and don’ts.

Program Benefits

You and your team will be able to use what you learn in our workshop immediately and apply it to actual positions you’re hoping to fill now or in the near future. The exercises in this program will be relevant to your role in the hiring process and give you the skills necessary to successfully fill positions.

About the Speaker

As a 20-year talent development professional, Tara Powers is an international best-selling author, award winning leadership expert, sought after speaker and crusader against boring, ineffective employee engagement initiatives and leadership training. She’s worked with over 200 companies and more than 15,000 leaders building programs and launching initiatives that deliver high touch and high impact for her clients.

  • For 4 years, Tara’s Leadership Programs have earned the prestigious recognition as a Top 10 Leadership 500 Award winner by alongside big names such as Korn Ferry, Level (3), Hilton, Honda, MIT and DDI. Tara is also a judge for the coveted Brandon Hall Excellence Awards which recognizes the best organizations globally that have successfully deployed programs, strategies, modalities, processes, systems, and tools that have achieved measurable results.

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Find Better Candidates with Behavioral Interviewing

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